Accessories Available for Termiflex Hand-Held Terminals

Keypads are available in membrane type or elastomeric. The OT30 is available in 20, 30, 40, 42, or 45 key configurations. The OT50 is available in 34 key membrane, 55 key elastomeric, or 66 key elastomeric configurations. Standard keypads are available or choose custom art design. Write on kits are available for custom applications and prototyping. Backlighting is offered on all keypads.

Various Membrane Keyboards | Membrane WRITE-ON Keyboard | Various Elastomeric Keyboards

Optional emergency stop and live man switches are available, in both single or double pull. Live man switch available on the OT50.

Horizontal Emergency Stop Switch on a Booted OT50 Terminal | Horizontal and Vertical Emergency Stop Switches | Live Man Switch on an OT50 Terminal | OT30 with a Vertical Emergency Stop Switch

Many different case connections are available: RJ11, RJ45, DE9, DA15, DB 25, or integral cable. Choose molded strain relief or bell housing for case entry. The case bottom has what we at Termiflex call a “personality plate” which can be customized to meet your requirements.

RJ45, Molded Strain Relief, Bell Type | Bell Type Strain Relief | Cables 1 | Cables 2 | Cables 3

NEW! Antimicrobial Protective Keypads. This affordable protective coating is highly effective and is used in many medical applications to stop the spread of bacteria, fungus and odors. Durable protection works for the life of the keypad and has no impact on mechanical properties and no impact on the physical integrity of the end product.

Antimicrobial Protective Keypads

Custom labeling is available for the face plate, display lens and the serial number label on the case back.

Custom Labeling 1

Mounting brackets are available for the OT30 and OT50 with or without rubber boot.

OT30 Mounting Bracket | OT50 Mounting Bracket

Adding a rubber boot to an OT30 or OT50 greatly increases the ruggedness of the terminal. Booted terminals have been tested to survive a 6 foot drop to concrete. This addition is an excellent safeguard for rough environments.

OT30 and OT50 Boot Front View | OT30 and OT50 Boot Rear View

Protective cases are available for our terminals. These cases consist of a hard plastic shell with a fitted foam interior. For terminal and cable storage.

Protective Cases 1 | Protective Cases 2

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