OT/30 Standard & Optional Features

Rugged, Affordable Operator Interface

The compact, low-cost OT30 handheld terminal is ideal for all applications requiring a rugged yet affordable operator interface. Packaged in an appealing low-profile Lexan® case, the OT30 is engineered to withstand repeated drops to hard surfaces, such as concrete and to resist liquid and other contaminants, without sacrificing ergonomic detail. For protection in extremely harsh environments, Termiflex offers a rubber boot, extended temperature components, conformal coating and additional moisture resistance.


  • 4×20 or 8×26 STN LCD, with EL backlighting and extended operational temperature ranges
  • Emergency-stop switch
  • Custom keypads and backlit keypads

Rugged Features Include

  • 30, 40, or 45-key sealed membrane keypad with tactile and audible response, and optional backlight
  • 42-key elastomeric keypad with tactile and audible response
  • Lexan® case (chemically resistant, mechanically durable)
  • Variety of serial communication interfaces, cables, input voltages, and display options available
  • CE approved

Termiflex is the long-standing leader in providing rugged handheld terminals to the Operator Interface applications and Data Collection markets throughout the world. Our passive terminals form the broadest range of rugged handheld terminal solutions available. They cover the complete spectrum of application needs across a wide range of industries. Termiflex is a leading international provider of specialized information hardware and software products, as well as electrical and electronic power-related products for industrial, commercial and medical markets.


4 x 20 STN LCD
4 x 20 VFD
8 x 26 STN LCD
EL Backlight


30-key Membrane
40-key Membrane
42-key Elastomeric
45-key Membrane
EL Backlight
(membrane only)


RS 232
RS 422


+5 VDC ± 5%
+8 to +28 VDC


Integral Cable (10 ft, 3 m)
6-conductor, coiled
6-conductor, straight
10-conductor, coiled
10-conductor, straight
Cable Connector
Stripped and Tinned


32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
Moisture Resistance

Other Options

E-stop Switch
(Note that the above option requires the 15-pin case connector or the 10-connector cable)

Basic Unit

*Termiflex provides full customization service for OEM customers.