Power Solutions for Glass Manufacturing

Warner Power is a Leading Supplier of Custom Power Equipment to the Glass Industry

Providing custom power solutions such as transformers, line reactors, power centers, power supplies and control centers for a variety of glass applications. We work directly with your engineers to custom design products to meet your system requirements. We can design power components and systems to your specifications or build to print. Warner Power provides quality components that are ruggedly designed and optimized for peak performance at an economical price.

Our design experience includes single and three phase transformers from 250 VA to 2500 kVA, power centers and complete power systems from 5 kW up to 2500 kW, with single or multiple zone outputs, SCR or saturable core reactor controls, options such as special bus work, PLC feedback and enclosures, all configured to your specifications.

Warner Power products can be found in furnaces, forehearths, fiberization, spout bowls, and annealing chambers manufacturing flat glass, fiberglass, fiber optic cable, specialty and container glass.

Whether you need just simple power transformers or complete power systems including control panels and power supplies, Warner Power has the experience you need to provide effortless and worry-free start up.

Glass Melter Power Supply

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